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Oxriver is one of Denmark’s largest lakes and rivercourses, with a water surface area of about 40,000 m2 in natural surroundings close to the village of No near Ringkøbing. You can fish at two locations: Stampevej 3 and Stampevej 8.

There are released more than 35.000 ton a year into the lakes and the stream. Som weeks during the high season more than 2 ton of different fish are released.

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This area comprises five lakes, four of which are interconnected by a rivercourse that has a depth of 2.5 metres and width of 7–9 metres. 35 riffles have been established that ensure a faster flow through of the water. Approx. 700–800 litres of water per second are circulated, which ensures a constant optimum supply of oxygen and current in the water. The watercourse has been laid out in beautiful surroundings that pass over an S-shaped pattern with lovely embankments inbetween and all the way round, so there is always shelter from a westerly wind. The entire area is surrounded by beautiful woodland. The complex also has toilet and fish-cleaning facilities. Oxriver breeds its own fish for putting out in the lakes at its own farm, in order to ensure a high quality of fresh fish.


Here there is a lovely lake of approx. 6,000m 2, with a depth of 4–8 metres. The lake is beautifully situated, with surrounding woodland. For toilet and fish-cleaning facilities, you are referred to Stampevej 3.

It's posible to buy fresh fish at the fish farm for 10 Euro/kg.

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